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US BingoAlthough American Bingo has been around since 1929, Bingo Nerdos are more of a modern phenomenon that have emerged as the game has gained momentum and has blended with the technology age.  Online bingo is responsible for the surge in popularity of this exciting game, as well as for the surge in the Bingo Nerdo population.  No longer are the true Nerdos of the nation and the world all alone, isolated, or wondering if they are the last of their kind.  No longer must they peruse the comic book shops, Star Trek conventions, or wear their Bob Hope disguise to Bingo Night at the senior center in order to seek out other Nerdos.  The Bingo revolution has made it not only safe to come out of the Nerdo closet, it has made it down right cool, which has developed into a trend that is sweeping the nation.  Nerdo is the new cool.   Recent technological advancements made in the areas of online gaming software development and Internet connectivity have dramatically revolutionized US Bingo, and the Nerdo subculture now has a bright, Nerdy future. 

Hitting the scene in the land of the free around 1929 as the game Beano, players used beans, card board, and a rubber stamp to play. During one particular game, the winner accidentally yelled BINGO instead of Beano, and from that time forward, the name Bingo caught on and has been used ever since, and has developed into one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world.  The game became widely popular over the years as churches used the game for fund raising.  Until about 10 years ago, Bingo still held the stigma that it was 'grandma's game'.  Then came the emergence of virtual online American Bingo !  Not only did this provide convenient and flexible access to the game of Bingo, but it also allowed the game to be taken to levels of sophistication, with innovative and cutting edge features that players never dreamed of before.  A digital interface allows players to experience all types of bells and whistles that live bingo games don't offer.  Online Bingo also allows players to play up to 100 cards at once thanks to the automatic dauber features that mark your cards for you and manage your game. 

Famous for exciting side games, chat games and casino games, US Bingo allows Nerdos to simultaneously engage in slots, video poker, or chat bonus games while the numbers are being called, or to take a break from the bingo games.  The most popular US Bingo Game is 75 Ball Bingo, played with a 5x5 card, with the middle being a 'free space'. Bingo games have evolved into a fast paced, ultra thrilling, online gaming phenomenon.  Due to some unclear laws surrounding gambling online, USA players don't always have an easy time finding online gaming sites accepting USA players.  No worries USA Bingo Nerdos, we've got this dilemma under control.  Below you will see our featured online bingo sites for our American Bingo Nerdos to engage in some exciting USA Bingo online action. 



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