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UK BingoUK Bingo Nerdos are some of our favorite Bingo Nerdos out there.  Bingo has been a classy game and highly popular form of entertainment in the UK for a bit longer than in the USA's more recent Bingo revolution.  Britain saw the potential in Bingo in the 1960's, and began building luxurious and high class bingo halls all over the place, which was bloody brilliant if you ask me!  UK Bingo never carried the 'old lady' stigma like it did for years in the USA, so its success and popularity have quite the head start.  There are literally thousands of sites at which to play online bingo, and we wanted to point our UK Nerdos in the direction of the UK Bingo Sites out there. 

The most popular type of bingo played at the UK bingo sites is 90 Ball Bingo, and is often called UK Bingo.  90 Ball Bingo uses a 3x9 card with three rows and 9 columns.  Each row contains five numbered squares, while the rest of the squares remain empty, hence each ticket will contain 15 numbers.  Unlike 75 ball bingo, UK Bingo is not a patterned game, and you win by being the first player to have all 15 of your numbers called during a game.  This game is so popular that many USA bingo sites carry it as well.  Having 90 balls to potentially call, the game can be a bit long, which makes it the perfect suitor for the exciting bingo side games that we've all come to love.  There is plenty of time to play any of the casino games, including some slots, video poker, roulette, fruit machines, or one of the exciting Chat GamesUK Bingo Online is the most frequently played bingo game outside of North America. 

Our British Nerdos, as well as the many European, Australian, and even South African Nerdos are all familiar with 90 Ball Bingo.  With such a huge following, we wanted to make sure that our beloved Bingo Nerdos knew precisely where to Play UK Bingo in the industry, hence we have compiled a fantastically comprehensive review of our favorite UK bingo sites.  We have spent hours perusing the online bingo community and testing, analyzing, and spending hours hopping from site to site, just to ensure that you don't have to!! 

Our list of Free UK Bingo includes only the best of the best, and is certain to provide you with some of the most bloody hot online bingo action out there!  Our reviews will help you determine which site is right for you.  Now, proper attire and Nerdo finesse is no different in the UK than it is in the USA, so there can be no showing up to bingo without your snazzy bow tie, your super cool Nerdo glasses, or without reviewing the chat game tools in our handy dandy Nerdo Toolbox



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