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Ultra Cool Nerdo Makeover Handbook

Developing Your Nerdo Style!


bingo nerdoMost people are unaware that there is so much more to achieving Nerdo status than just becoming involved in the online bingo community or even becoming a highly skilled Bingo Player.  The Nerdo persona is an emerging subculture that has derived its own style, mannerisms, disposition, and of course lots and lots of finesse.  And unlike being a Nerdo in other competitive environments, such as high school, nobody can beat you up inside a virtual bingo community, hence standing out for the impressive Nerdo that you are is much safer here.   Individuality is highly recognized within the Nerdo population, as long as it completely conforms to the Nerdo guidelines.  We have compiled all the information you will need to make all your dreams come true, and finally develop your image into the ultra cool, sophisticated, and successful Bingo Nerd that you've always wanted to be. 

Some of the information you find here will be related to Nerdo behavior, Nerdo style and fashion, and Nerdo leisure activities, such as the Nerdo Jig.   These are things all Nerdos needs to be informed on, and ready to put into action.  This is probably going to be the only true Nerdo guide that you come across in your virtual travels as resources such as this just seem to be scarce. Sadly, there just aren't a lot of experts in the field of Nerdyism, and it is fortunate that you have found one of the few sites that will spill the Nerdy beans to you.

We hope that you enjoy our Nerdo Guide, and that it will serve you well in your ambitions to BE ALL YOU CAN BE!! 



Nerdo Video Demonstration

Following is a video demonstration of one of our favorite Nerdos who has successfully and fully integrated the Nerdo culture into all areas of his life.  It is not shown in the video, but he is also a very successful Bingo Nerd.  This video is a real gem and includes a wealth of information.  Pay close attention to the small details, such as mannerisms, behaviors and responses in specific situations.  Also note the star Nerdo's friendly disposition towards everyone he meets.



Debunking Popular Nerdo Myths

Myth: All Nerdos have buck teeth.
Truth: This is simply an un-truth.  Only those Nerdos who had unfortunate circumstances will be seen with a buck toothed mouth.

Myth: All Nerdos are unattractive and can never get dates.
Truth: This is completely false.  What you may not realize is that the Nerdo Bingo Community is full of stunningly gorgeous people, both male and female.  And when they closely follow the Nerdo style and fashion guidelines, the sex appeal is irresistible. 

Myth: Nerdos only like to watch Star Trek

Truth: Another fallacy promoted in Hollywood.  Nerdos love a variety of science fiction and super hero shows, movies, and books.  Star Trek is just the top Nerdo favorite.  We should add that a Nerdo who is anybody at all knows every detail to the history, characters, plots, and making of every Star Trek episode in each of the Star Trek series and movies.  Just a little FYI.

Myth: Nerdos don't know how to dance.
Truth: Nerdos are some of the best dancers out there.  What some of you may not know is that John Travolta was secretly a Nerdo, and he is an example of a fabulous dancer.  More evidence to debunk this myth is the explanation below of the hip dance moves of the Nerdo Jig. 



































Guide To The Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money

Here we provide step by step instruction for mastering the Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money.  This activity is most important when you are finding out about a new Bingo Bonus, winning a round of bingo, or qualifying for an exiting promotional offer. As you can see, it is an intricate part of being an avid Bingo Player.  It is appropriate for the leap to also be used in other joyous news occasions, as long as you do something to modify the presentation and distinguish it from the Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money. 

Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money


happy nerdStep 1:  Do not wear high heeled shoes while leaping.

Step 2:  Pay close attention to the form of the leap as it is a highly refined and specific expression of happiness reserved for Bingo Nerdos alone. Distorting a Nerdo signature activity is considered to be a huge no no. 

Step 3:  Mentally prepare yourself by visualizing yourself executing the leap in perfect form. 

Step 4:  Ensure you have plenty of space in which to perform the leap without damaging your Nerdy self or your computer and furnishings.

Step 5:  Go for it!!  Your leap should be at least 12 inches off the ground, (higher if you count the fact that your feet are bent and measure from the foot placement).  Your form must include the following:  bent knees, flexed feet, arms bent, index fingers pointing upwards as if to signify that money is falling from the sky, back arched, which forces your buttocks to be extended outward and your chest to be extended forward, raised eye brows, and a classic Nerdy open mouthed smile, (which can be practiced in the mirror ahead of time). 

Step 6:  Always be prepared to integrate the Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money into your online gaming activity.  We recommend practicing the leap in a full length mirror. 


Guide To The Nerdo Jig

The Nerdo "Jig" is a famous series of dance moves developed by the distinguished Master Nerdos who have gone before us.  It is customary for the Nerdo "Jig"to accompany the Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money, hence it is in your best Nerdo interest to learn to execute both activities efficiently.  There will be much opportunity to use these moves as a Bingo Nerd.  It should be noted that we are not opposed to you customizing both the Nerdo Leap For Joyous News Of Free Money and the Nerdo Jig, as long as they still look exactly as we've described with no changes. 


dancing nerdNerdo Jig

Step 1:  You can wear any type of shoes you like for the Nerdo Jig.

Step 2:  Again, ensure you have plenty of room for your super cool dance moves.

Step 3:  Your sense of rhythm is irrelevant, don't stress about staying on beat.

Step 4:  Go for it!!  You may use any type of music that you enjoy, or you may sing, hum, or even rap your own song. Your form should include the following:  Bent knees (not quite a 90 degree angle, more like 45 degrees), bent at waist with a 'slight' arch of the back, slightly protruding your buttocks outward and your chest forward, arms bent with a loose fist, head facing upward with an 'oh ya, I'm super cool' expression on your face, mouth open. The cool dance moves include the following:  you lift one leg at a time, keeping your knee bent while doing this, alternating on the beat of the music, (or just randomly if you prefer, it is not necessary to stay on beat), and simultaneously increasing the bend in your arms as to move your forearms back and forth. 

Step 5:  Once learning these slick dance moves, you'll need to practice them in the mirror so that you are prepared to bust a move without hesitation when the circumstances call for it.  

Guide To Nerdo Fashion

The Nerdo is always making a fashion statement.  There are style guidelines for both female and male Nerdos, which we will cover in this section of the The Ultra Cool Nerdo Makeover Handbook.  Here are some basic fashion tips and guidelines.

nerdo fashion 1. Your nifty Nerdo glasses should be worn at all times, (including in the shower, some Nerdos were actually unaware of this requirement).

Male Nerdos should be wearing their sophisticated bow tie at all times that clothing is worn.  The only exceptions are on those rare casual occasions where you will be sporting either a Star Trek t-shirt, or a comic book super hero t-shirt, or when you are in your Batman PJ's.

3. The female equivalent of the bow tie is to wear ribbons in your pig tails.  For those ladies who have hair too short for pig tails, you may wear your ribbon through your hair like a headband.  If ribbon is not available to you, string, yarn, or rope is an acceptable alternative.

4.   As you can see in the picture to the right, our Bingo Nerdo fashion model is sporting the classic short sleeve button up white shirt, a snazzy sweater vest that does not infringe upon his bow tie, impressive high water polyester trousers, and stiff leather loafers.  What you may not see are his bright white socks.  Our sexy lady Nerdos can simply obtain the feminine versions of these items, and may substitute a skirt for the polyester pants.  In the event that you are wearing a skirt, may we recommend knee socks to complete the ensemble. 

5.  For casual occasions where you may feel a little overdressed in this high fashion outfit, feel free to substitute a pair of sneakers for the stiff leather loafers.  This will adequately 'dress down' the look.

6.  For evening wear, you may use the same outfit components in an all black motif.