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Bingo Chat Emoticons

Express Yourself Nerdos!!

chat emoticonsEmoticons have become a part of daily interaction on the Internet, and Online Bingo is no exception.  With the remarkably social environment that Bingo sites facilitate, Bingo Nerdos will need to be well versed in the industry specific Bingo Chat Emoticons.  Bingo Emoticons are fun ways to express yourself by showing an image that displays an emotion.  Between our Bingo Chat Acronym page, our Bingo Lingo Glossary, and this extensive cheat sheet of Bingo Emoticon expressions, Bingo Nerdo has developed quite the Chat How To for any aspiring Bingo Nerdo.  These emoticons will be especially useful when playing any of the Bingo Chat Games, or just chatting it up with your bingo buddies.  Since this section focuses on the social aspects of a Bingo Nerdo's life, you may also want to check out our Ultra Cool Nerdo Makover Handbook.

Once you're familiar with the most commonly used bingo emoticons, you're enjoyment level when interacting in bingo chatting will increase considerably.  We feel we must warn you though, chatting with your bingo buddies is so extremely riveting, that many a Nerdo has gotten lost in the excitement, and has been known to get a little too immersed in their virtual world, refusing to step away from the computer and do those things critical to their survival, such as wiping the sweat off their super cool Nerdo glasses, or checking their I-Phones for any text messages regarding the most recent technological advancements which may have been made in the last 15 minutes.  So as wise Nerdos, we recommend having a glass of cool water nearby should you need to douse yourself and snap back into the land of the non-virtual, if only briefly. 

Most of the emoticons listed below can apply to any type of chat interaction and are not restricted to the bingo arena alone, so learning these Chat Smile emoticons, and the many others listed provides a lot of flexibility in any chat room environment that you find yourself in.  One of the exciting parts of developing your Nerdo skills is that they can be used in all your virtual excursions.  From Facebook, to instant messaging, to chat rooms and forums, your Nerdo prowess will come in very handy even in your non-gaming online adventures.  No need to thank us, developing the Nerdo culture is just our virtual cup of tea.  Bingo room chatting is a truly fun and stimulating way to use your favorite Bingo Expressions.  Now go out there and make us proud!! 


Bingo Chat Emoticons

%-) Been staring at a screen for too long

0:-) Angel

:-/ Confused

&-( Crying

:-D Laughing

>:-) Evil

:-! Foot in mouth


<3 Heart

(  ) Hug

@:-) Just got back from the hairdresser

:-x Keeping mouth shut

:-* Kiss

:- )) Laugh

>: l Mad


8-) Person with glasses

@>-->-- A rose

: ( Sad

:-( Sad with a nose

:-@ Screaming

: ) Smile

:-) Smile with a nose

: o Surprised

:& Tongue-tied

d:-) Wearing baseball hat

; ) Wink

l-O Yawning

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