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Bingo Glossary

Learning Your Bingo Lingo


bingo glossarySo how many of you speak Bingo?  Well fellow Bingo Nerdos, its time to learn the Bingo Lingo.  You may be surprised to know that Bingo has its own industry specific lingo, also known as Bingo Words, and who does and does not know this lingo is one way to weed out the Nerdos from the Nerdo wannabes.  To keep you out of the Nerdo wannabe group, we've put together a comprehensive resource for you to use to learn your way around the language of Bingo!  Not only will it help you look super cool, but understanding and using Bingo Terms will impact the quality of your game and your enjoyment level when engaged in an exciting online bingo game.  To take your Bingo Nerdo expertise to the next level, you'll also want to check out our nifty new Ultra Cool Nerdo Makeover Handbook.

This valuable Bingo Nerdo tool is a must read for anyone who wants to proficiently navigate through the online bingo community. One of the most rewarding aspects to the online bingo environment is the community atmosphere, and the many, many, bingo buddies you will connect with while playing and engaging in the high energy, very active chat sessions that occur during bingo games.  Many players have formed meaningful friendships with the interesting people they meet in the online bingo communities, which includes people from all around the world.  To really enjoy and be an active participant in the chat sessions and the exciting chat games, you need a working knowledge of the current Bingo Lingo, which is precisely what this page is all about. 

Below you will find a comprehensive listing of Bingo Words, as well as their definitions.  We have included all of the most commonly used terminology to ensure that your working knowledge of Bingo Lingo is all inclusive, never leaving you caught off guard. Once you learn your Bingo Lingo, you'll have everything you need to get your Nerdo style.


Bingo Lingo Terms
Blackout (Also, referred to as a Coverall): A bingo pattern that requires you to cover the whole card to win.
Bonanza: A Bonanza is a progressive coverall Jackpot that is typically played as the thirteenth game of the playing session. 45 numbers are drawn prior to the session starting, and players mark them on separate cards to be set aside. The countdown begins at 48 numbers or less, and goes up 1 number per week up to 52 numbers or until won. The amount of the jackpot is determined by the amount of card sales for that game.
Bingo Caller: The person who calls out the bingo numbers.
Chat Room: An online meeting place where you can read and exchange messages with other players.  It is displayed in its own screen usually.
Bingo Coverall (also referred to as a Blackout) : A bingo pattern that requires you to cover the whole card to win.
Dauber (Bingo dauber): An ink-filled bottle or pen with a foam tip on it that is used to mark called numbers during a bingo game.  In online bingo, the cards are marked automatically by the bingo software interface, also known as an electronic or automated dauber.

Early Bird Game: A bingo game that begins before any other regularly scheduled games.
Free Space: The square that is in the center of the card. This space is given to the players free every game and it counts towards your winning pattern.
Game Board: The display board on your monitor, found above your card(s) that reveals to you the balls in play.
Game Room: There are several online games which divide the players into virtual game rooms.
G.T.I., T.E.D.: These are a virtual, electronic dauber system used to play multiple cards at once.

Hardway Bingo (Hard-way Bingo): A Bingo pattern that is in a straight line without utilizing the free space.
Bingo Jackpot: A large cash prize that is typically awarded for completing a complex pattern, such as a coverall, within a specified number of balls.
Minimum Buy-in: The lowest amount you must spend to be eligible for prize and cash payouts.
Money Ball: A  random number drawn prior to the game that will double the winnings if bingo is hit on that specific number.
Bingo Pattern: The designated shape you need to cover on your card with the called out numbers.
Progressive Jackpot: A Jackpot that grows larger until somebody wins it.
Rainbow Pack: A special paper pack that provides players with the opportunity to play for multiple prize denominations at once.
Six-pack, Nine-pack: Six or nine numbers in a block on one card.
Validation: Eligibility requirements to win extra jackpot amounts. Price and jackpot amounts variy by number of cards played.
Wild Number: Usually played on a double bingo that leads into a triple bingo. The first number out of the hopper determines the wild number; for example, if 42 is drawn, all numbers ending in 2 should be marked off.


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