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Perfecting Those Nerdo Super Powers


bingo toolboxFor those who truly want to make it to Master Nerdo status, we've compiled a toolbox of everything a Nerdo needs to play, speak, and think Bingo.  To get the most out of your online bingo gaming experience, you'll need to understand what is being said, and how it relates to you as a player.  We know that you want to be in the 'cool crowd' and definitely not mistaken for a Nerdo wannabe, so we here at Bingo Nerdo have put together some valuable tools in our Bingo Toolbox to ensure that you have everything you need to equip you for your Nerdo challenges.  Playing any Bingo Game Online will definitely offer the optimal online bingo experience if you are able to understand and use the appropriate bingo terminology and industry specific language while engaged in your online bingo action, in particular the exciting Bingo Chat Games.

Most people have been exposed to online instant messaging, or chatting, and already understand that IM chatting is a language all of its own.  When playing any Free Online Bingo Game, Bingo chatting follows suit rather closely, but is industry specific in many cases and uses specific bingo terms, acronyms and emoticons.  This is why we have decided to not only provide you with a comprehensive bingo glossary, but also a bingo chat acronym list and a bingo chat emoticon listing as well.  Once you review these tools, you will be able to chat it up with the most experienced Bingo Nerdos out there and dazzle your fellow bingo enthusiasts with your extensive Nerdo chat skills while having the time of your life with a Free Online Games Bingo gaming experience.  Now once you have the Bingo language skills down, it is time for your complete Nerdo makeover. Our handy Nerdo Handbook will teach you to look, act, dress, and dance like a Nerdo!

Nerdo Tools
Bingo Glossary for Bingo Nerdos
Bingo Glossary: Find all the bingo lingo terms you need to know, along with their definitions. This glossary will ensure that you understand the most commonly used terms and have a fun Bingo Game Online experience.
bingo chat acronyms
Bingo Chat Acronyms: In order to converse with your bingo buddies, you'll need to learn the bingo chat acronyms, a language in and of itself. We've provided a complete list for you.
bingo chat smile
Bingo Chat Emoticons: Emoticons are a popular way to expres yourself when chatting online, and bingo chats are no exception. Learn all the emoticon bingo expressions using our list of chat expressions and how to create them.
bingo nerdo
Ultra Cool Nerdo Makeover Handbook: Learn how to look, move, think, and act like an experienced Nerdo! We'll teach you how to bust a move like a Nerdo, and survive in the competitive Nerdo high fashion arena.
Online Bingo Etiquette

When enjoying yourself playing Free Online Games Bingo , there are certain manners which are expected of every player and participant in a chat room session. As Bingo Nerdos, we already know you are a well mannered player, but just in case your momma didn't raise her little Nerdo accordingly, here are some guidelines to follow:


Never use swearing or vulgar language, including racial or hateful insults and sexual comments. 

Do not impersonate other online Bingo players.

Be a gracious winner by not bragging about your winnings to your Bingo buddies. 

Do not recruit for, advertise for, or endorse another Bingo site when you chat.

Never participate in gossip about other players.

Never solicit other players for monetary loans or gifts.

Be friendly and welcoming when new players enter the chat room. 

Be aware of the diversity of the chat room population.  Several people live in different time zones, and speak other languages. 

Don't obsess about typos and spelling errors - correcting other players is considered in bad taste.

Don't use capital letters when chatting as this is considered to be yelling in chat room etiquette.

Be kind, courteous and respectful to the CM (chat room monitor).  They work hard to ensure that everyone in the chat sessions is having a good time. 

Always remember that the person on the other end of the chat is a real person, with real feelings and emotions.  Always be sensitive to others and don't begin to see them as a computer image rather than a human being.  
































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