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Bingo Hall Review


From A Nerdo's Point Of View: Bingo Hall


Bingo Hall is a favorite online bingo site among bingo nerdosBingo Nerdos are famous for wanting the various areas of their lives to be tidy and to come in neat, well put together packages.  Bingo Hall falls perfectly into this category.  Bingo Hall is impressive and extravagant with its gaming options and flexibility, however it is also a streamlined and strategically simplified online bingo site that doesn't allow the fluff of distractions to get out of hand.  Its almost as if a genuine, true Nerdo gave Bingo Hall the blue prints of exactly what they'd like, and Bingo Hall obliged them with the made to order Nerdo haven.  This would explain their unprecedented popularity among the Nerdo community, why we enjoyed putting together this Review Of Bingo Hall so much, as well as why many a Nerdo has missed the latest episodes of Star Trek as they are glued to their computer screen, (yes, ratings actually went down).  I mean when not even Star Trek can compete, you know the bingo site you are playing at is something special. 

Along with coming in a neat, user friendly package, Bingo Hall simultaneously delivers one of the most riveting online gaming experiences this side of the Nemesis Galaxy (true Nerdos will know where this is, so if you're drawing a blank, you've got some Nerdo training in your near future).  Bingo Hall has managed to deliver a more substantial online gambling experience with a Flash version only approach than many downloadable Bingo Sites even come close to offering.  Bingo Hall is proof that spectacular gifts do not necessarily coincide with massive downloaded files. 

Nerdos of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds will feel quite at home at Bingo Hall, and are welcomed to arrive just as Nerdy as you like.  For those of you out there who are still finding your inner Nerd, we recommend you pretend you understand what is going on in the chat rooms and just fake it.  While most of the chatting and banter will be above your non-Nerdo thought processes, you'll be glad to know that Bingo Nerdo is here to help you become the Nerdo you've always dreamed of being.  Our Nerdo Toolbox will provide you with everything you need to be all you can be!!

Bingo Hall Bonus Review
Bingo Hall and generous bonus offers go hand in hand, or for you Nerdos out there, they go hand after thoroughly disinfecting with antibacterial soap in hand after thoroughly disinfecting with antibacterial soap.  (And no, that is not a knock, we are well aware that Nerdos carry an above average sense of awareness regarding the spread of disease.)  Nerdos will be delighted with the free $25 no deposit bonus, and the exceptionally juicy 500% match deposit bonus up to $3750 on your first deposit, and the good news doesn't stop there!  Bingo Hall is literally brimming with generous bingo bonuses and promotions, including a deposit match bonus on every future deposit following your first two deposits, with even more special bonuses and offers found in their newsletter.  The newsletter is a weekly publication and is the means in which Bingo Hall announces their special offers to players.  You'll find daily specials as well as exciting give aways, the chat game schedule, promotional prize packages, and tons of other exciting bonus and promotional information. 
Bingo Hall Software Review

Parlay Entertainment is the powerhouse of choice for Bingo Hall's sensational online gaming software solution.  Bingo Hall's gaming platform delivers an impressive and user friendly interface, innovative and feature rich functionality, and a fast, smooth playing experience.  The stunning and colorful, 3D graphics provide plenty of eye candy, while the state of the art digital sound provides a realistic feel to the game.  This flash only version of bingo site gaming software packs a punch that is far more impressive than many of the download version of bingo site software we've seen floating around out there.  While Nerdos may feel that a Flash version is always the 'lighter' gaming version of a bingo site, this is not the case with Bingo Hall.




















Bingo Hall Deposit Method Options

Our Bingo Hall Review is pleased to report a convenient and flexible menu of deposit method options.  Bingo Hall accepts players from all over the globe, including the USA, hence their banking suite must accommodate players from many different nations.  They have pulled this off rather well and proudly accept the following online deposit method options:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Click2Pay, and Cash Transfer.  Each transaction is processed using above industry standard encryption technology and security protocols.  Your money is safe and secure so that your only worry during your online gambling adventures is when your number is going to be called!









Bingo Hall Games Review
Bingo Hall has approached the bingo game selection asset of their site a little different than some.  When visiting, you can play the popular 75 Ball Bingo. Does this mean that there is only one bingo game to play?  Not really.  What it does mean is that Bingo Hall has taken the most popular bingo game variation out there and offers over 300 unique patterns and themes, thereby turning one game into hundreds of gaming opportunities.  Need a little Nerdy break from Bingo?  No problem, Bingo Hall has a sensational selection of chat games, slots, video poker, pull tab games, and keno to keep you entertained.  Looking to unwind and just have a little fun for free?  Bingo Hall has free bingo games going all the time, and you can even score a small payout in the free games!  It may be small and not be anything to write home about, but it will be enough to score you a few bingo cards in a real money game, where the payouts do get exciting.  We applaud Bingo Hall on their robust game menu and exciting gaming options.  All games are available using Flash, instant play and do not require any downloading. 
What Nerdos Loved

arrow Accepts USA players

arrow 300 unique bingo games to play!

arrow No download required

arrow Superb game selection of bingo, casino and chat games

arrow Quick and easy registration process

arrow Terrific welcome bonus












What Nerdos Hated

arrow Couldn't find one thing to hate!

Bingo Hall Review Conclusion


Bingo Hall is a premiere online bingo site


This team of Nerdos was dramatically smitten by Bingo Hall, and can honestly attest that we each have added Bingo Hall to our list of absolute favorite online bingo sites.  We found Bingo Hall to exceed our expectations on every level, concerning all areas of our visit to their site.  We found our online Bingo experience to be exciting, thrilling, rewarding and highly convenient.  The Flash instant play accommodates our desire to play at any computer, even a shared computer, since there are no files to download.  The game selection is aggressive and appealed to our sense of adventure and desire for a continuously unique experience.  We unanimously give Bingo Hall a big Nerdy thumbs up!

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