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Perfecting Your Nerdo Social Skills


bingo chat gamesI'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but our beloved Bingo Nerdo is actually quite the social butterfly.  Surprised at this news?  Well, another fallacy that Hollywood has transposed onto the nerdo population is that they are introverted, highly withdrawn and shy people.  NOT!!  Bingo nerdos are quite the opposite, as you will quickly learn during the first time you play a Chat Game Online.  We are a lively, out going and energetic bunch who love to connect to other online bingo enthusiasts and love to have a lot of fun during our online gaming excursions.  That is one reason that the bingo chat games are so popular.  These games actually draw as many players into the online gaming scene as bingo does. 

For those who have never had the pleasure to Play Chat Games online, this is where the 'coolness' of being a nerdo can really shine through.  We have provided some information to help you get started, which will ensure that nobody can even tell that you're a newbie nerdo, and you might even be mistaken as a master nerdo if you chat it up just right.  Below you will find some descriptions of the most common chat games found at our favorite bingo sites, as well as links to our bingo tools page which offers you valuable information on chat acronyms, chat emoticons, and chat etiquette.  We are devoted to equipping you to the hilt for your chat game experiences.  After all love, we can't having you showing up only partially nerded can we?  Should that unfortunate event occur, please don't mention that we know you.  We have our nerdy reputation to protect.   

What Are Bingo Chat Games?

Bingo Chat games are side games that are going on during your bingo games, and are exciting Multiplayer Online Chat Games.  They are facilitate through chat room functionality, and greatly enhance your online bingo experience by providing an exciting and lively environment, as well as the opportunity to win more prizes and cash.  The games are monitored and managed by the Chat Host, who keeps order in the chat room and ensures that everyone feels welcomed and is having a good time.  There are a few general things you need to know before you get started.  Warning:  failure to adhere to these generalities would greatly expose your newbie nerdo status, just saying. 

1. Review the chat game rules at the site you're playing at to make sure you understand any little quirky items that will disqualify you. 

2. You need to be involved in a current bingo game in order to participate in the associated bingo chat game.  Each bingo site is different, and some will require that you've made a deposit to be able to participate in chat games, while others offer chat games with their free play games.  Check out the terms and conditions at the site at which you're playing for information on where they stand on this.

3. Most bingo sites will disqualify you if you've given the right answer in a chat game, but are not active in the chat.  In other words, the whole point of the chat games is player participation and activity, hence not being involved can have consequences.  Only join a chat game if you intent to stay involved throughout the whole game.

4.  While size doesn't always matter, speed does!  At least when it comes to online chat games.  Being quick on the draw and responding with lightning fast answers, typed accurately is a key to winning these games.  Typo's can disqualify your answer.  Typing speed and accuracy are critical to really enjoying when you Play Chat Games online.

Number Chat Games

The possibilities with number chat game online are positively endless, and these chat games are always really easy to participate in and have a great time playing.  We've provided a few examples of number chat games just to give you an idea of what they are typically like.  These three examples are by no means a comprehensive list of all the potential number games.  All it takes is a creative chat room host to come up with a diverse list of all kinds of games, but these examples will give you a glimpse of what to expect as far as structure and participation goes. 


Winning Number:  Players guess the number on the winning bingo ball.  The first player to submit the correct answer is the winner. 

First Ball Out:  Players each give the Chat Host a number, and the player who guessed the number that is on the first bingo ball out is the winner.


Lucky Numbers:  Each players submits three numbers to the Chat Host.  The first player who has all three of their numbers called out wins
































Trivia Chat Games

Like the Number Chat Games, the possible trivia topics are endless, and the amount of fun you can have with these is endless as well.  Sometimes the trivia will be centered around current events,  history, or Hollywood gossip and entertainment.  Not only will you have a terrific time playing trivia chat games, but you will probably learn a thing or two to boot.  Chat Hosts are trained to keep the game lively and entertaining, and add to the excitement of the bingo game experience as the trivia game progresses.  Here are a few examples of different types of Trivia Chat Games.


Movie Trivia:  Players are asked questions about popular movies.

Karaoke Trivia:  Players are given a line from a song and must name the artist or the name of the song.

Celebrity Trivia:  Players are asked questions about famous celebrities.

Pub Trivia:  This is general trivia about any and all topics.


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Buddy Chat Games

The neat thing about Buddy Chat Games is that they give multiple players the opportunity to be a winner at once.  Buddy games don't just target the winner, but also other players who have something in relation to the winner, such as position in the chat, a shared birthday, or any other perimeter that the Chat Host declares.  Following are a few examples of common Buddy Chat Games.


Birthday Buddies:  All players who share the same birthday as the Bingo winner win a prize!


Alphabet Buddies:  Each player whose nickname begins with the same letter as the Bingo winner will win a prize!


Up or Down Buddies:  The player who is above or below the Bingo winner in the chat will win a prize!


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Bingo Nerdo Toolbox

bingo tools will equip you as a true bingo nerdoCheck out our Bingo Toolbox, which provides tools such as a bingo glossary, chat acronyms, and chat emoticons!! You'll also be treated to our Nerdo Handbook, that will help you look, walk, and act like a Nerdo!!

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