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Diversifying Your Nerdo Skills


Even Bingo Nerdos will need the occasional break from all the online bingo ball action, and we've got some good news for you. Nearly all mainstream bingo sites offer some exceptional and truly exciting Bingo Casino Games.  These games are identical to the casino games found at full service online casinos, and offer the same exhilarating online gambling experience.  The selection is of course a bit smaller than many of the full casinos, but still superb nonetheless.  Most bingo sites will offer slots, video poker, keno, and pull tab or scratch off card games. Now we don't want you getting confused here.  Just because we are 'bingo' Nerdos does not mean that we tone down our Nerdo Coolness factor just because we're playing other types of games.  Our unique, gifted, and highly coveted Nerdo skills should be apparent in all the online gaming that we partake in, lest our precious Nerdy reputation becomes tainted or damaged. 

Online Bingo Casino games are high quality, thrilling, and extremely rewarding.  While not many players visit bingo sites for their bingo side games alone, these phenomenal games allow our beloved Nerdos the convenience of not having to search for a full online casino in addition to playing at an online bingo site.  Most online casinos do not offer bingo games on their menu, hence bingo sites have a more comprehensive approach by including casino games in with their bingo game options.  To assist you in developing the extended version of your Bingo Nerdo skills, we've provided some information regarding the most commonly found Bingo Casino Games, many of which are also offered with free play.  A lttle green with your Bingo Lingo? Then check out our nifty Bingo Nerdo Toolbox. If you start to loose your 'cool' at any moment during the game, simply picture how completely suave and debonair you are looking with those very stylish nerdo glasses and your high fashion bow tie. If that doesn't work, simply repeat 'I am an ultra cool Bingo Nerdo' multiple times to guide your mindset.  (Don't worry - nobody can hear you in online gaming).   These tricks should restore your coolness and confidence instantaneously. 

Instant Win Games Online
Keno is an exciting game found at online bingo sitesKeno: Most Bingo Nerdos are probably familiar with the game of Keno as it is slightly similar to the game of bingo.  It is a lottery type game in which players predict which numbers will be called.  The payout depends on the amount of numbers you selected and got right.  Its an exciting game of chance that has become extremely popular in recent years, and can be found on most bingo sites and online casinos. Play online Keno at these sensational online bingo sites: Vic's Bingo, South Beach Bingo, and Bingo Hall.

play scrat card games at your favorite online bingo sitePull Tab / Scratch Cards: These games resemble the instant win lottery games you can buy at convenience stores, only the computer does the pulling or scratching for you.  These Instant Win Games Online are exceptionally fun to play, and can range in cost from 25 cents to several dollars.  Payouts can be in the form of free games or cash prizes. Play Instant Win Games at these bingo sites: Giggle Bingo , Bingo For Money, and Betfred Bingo.

Online Bingo Slots



Nearly all of the mainstream online bingo sites include a nice selection of 1 reel, 5 reel and/or 9 reel slot games.  These games are exactly like the ones you'll find at your favorite online casinos, and offer a riveting online gaming experience.  Like your bingo favorites, slots are a game of pure chance and can offer some incredible payout potential and loads of fun.  Some bingo sites allow you to play their slot games at any time during your visit, while others only offer slots as Bingo Side Games to be played during your bingo game so that players have something going on while they wait for all the bingo numbers to be called. Play exciting slot games at these phenomenal bingo sites: Bingo For Money, South Beach Bingo, and Vic's Bingo.

Online Bingo Video Poker



Another popular category of Bingo Casino Games is video poker.  Most Bingo sites offer the popular varieties of video poker, and deliver these games with an exceptionally riveting interface and super gaming features.   As with the slot games, you will find bingo sites that offer video poker that can be played any time, as well as bingo sites who only offer video poker as a side game to be played during your bingo gaming action.  Play your favorite video poker games at one of these premiere online bingo sites: Bingo Hall, and Betfred Bingo.

Bingo Spotlight: South Beach Bingo


South Beach Bingo offers exciting bingo casino games


South Beach Bingo is considered to be one of the top online bingo sites in the business.  Players love their juicy welcome bonus of a 500% match deposit bingo bonus, as well as their frequent reload bonus offers and incredible promotions.  South Beach Bingo treats their players live VIPS, and delivers an online bingo experience that is second to none.  Along with a great variety of bingo game options, South Beach features Slots, Keno, Video Poker and Instant Win Games.


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