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90 Ball Bingo

Tapping Into Those Nerdo Instincts


90 ball bingoThis exciting version of online bingo is often referred to as UK Bingo, and is the most common bingo game played in the UK, Europe, Australia, and parts of South America.  Bingo 90 Ball is the longest version of Bingo, and is played at thousands of online bingo halls across the globe.  90 ball bingo features its own unique card, referred to as a ticket.  The ticket has 3 rows, and 9 columns, for a total of 27 squares.  Each row contains 5 numbered squares, hence15 of the ticket's squares will contain a number in them, with the rest remaining blank.  The possible combinations in 90 ball bingo has been calculated well over a million. 

Other than the ticket arrangement, 90 ball bingo is played the exact same as both 75 ball and 80 ball bingo, only without the various patterns.  90 ball bingo is definitely the most commonly played bingo game outside of North America, and continues to grow in popularity quite rapidly.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it spill over into the US market in the near future.  If you are new to 90 ball bingo and would like a chance to get use to the unique ticket structure, then try looking for an online bingo site that offers Bingo For free.  You can then play a few rounds for free before you dive into a real money game.

Since 90 ball bingo is a little longer than the other bingo varieties, there is plenty of time to work in some side games or chat games during the bingo run to beef up the excitement level even more!  Being that this bingo game is typically found at non-USA bingo sites, USA players may not have much opportunity to indulge in this European favorite.  Non-USA players however should have no problem finding plenty of super hot bingo spots to get their 90 Ball Bingo game on.  Bingo Nerdo can actually point you in the right spot for that.  We've got three phenomenal online bingo sites to recommend which cater to the UK and European bingo enthusiasts, and they offer some of the best online bingo action in the business. 

For those Bingo Nerdos out there who are anxious to get their bingo action going, we encourage you to check out our Bingo Nerdo Toolbox section where you'll find some resources to assist you with learning to think, play, and speak bingo.  After all, we want all our Nerdos representing us to show up with all the bingo savvy demeanor we know you're hiding in there.  Every true Nerdo has it in them, its just a matter of tapping into it, or in other words, yielding to your inner Nerd!! 

Top 90 Ball Bingo Sites
What's Not To Love About Online Bingo?

Not many people are able to drop what they're doing and travel to a local bingo parlor.  Nor can a local bingo hall offer all the technologically advanced, cutting edge features and gaming functionality that online bingo has delivered to us on a nice, convenient, and flexible platform. Are youl aware of all the advantages to playing exciting bingo games online? Here's a few of the perks to online bingo.

1.  Whether you're Playing Bingo For winning big prizes or playing for pure enjoyment, you've got 24/7 access to bingo gaming action at your favorite online bingo sites.

2.  Thanks to automated Bing Daubers, you're able to play many bingo cards simultaneously. Many more in fact than if you were marking your cards manually. 

3.  Online bingo players are able to connect with people from all over the world in the exciting bingo chat rooms . 

4.  Players are able to save time and money by not having to travel to a land based bingo parlor, which for many is no where near their home. 

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