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80 Ball Bingo

No Game Is Too New For A Nerdo

80 ball bingo80 ball bingo, also referred to as shutter board bingo, is a little bit newer to the scene, and offers a nice option for players who want a game a bit longer than 75 ball bingo, but not quite as long as 90 ball bingo.  The 80 ball bingo cards are arranged in 5 rows and 4 columns, and are played using various patterns, similar to 75 ball bingo.  The objective of this exciting game is the same as in the other online bingo games, cover your card in the desired pattern before any of the other players manages this feat.  Bingo 80 Ball is gaining momentum quickly, and will soon be considered a veteran of the bingo game rather than a newcomer.  Bingo Nerdo will be here all along the way to keep you updated!!

The most popular form of this bingo game is as a speed bingo game.  More and more players are jumping on this adrenaline rush and are being drawn towards the high energy, fast paced excitement that speed bingo has to offer.  80 Ball Bingo is no exception.  While you don't get as many games in as the new 30 ball speed bingo, you still get lots of sizzling hot gaming action in a short period of time, thereby increasing your chances at becoming a winner!! 

There are no complex or intricate rules or strategies to learn, and with 80 Ball Bingo, you don't even have to manage your own cards, hence you can play a large number of cards simultaneously, even in the speed bingo games.  You can also jump into a bingo game variety that you've never played before without any problems.  Once you understand the basic premise of bingo, all of the different bingo games will come easy for you, including new ones that crop up, such as 80 ball bingo. 

Now the part of 80 ball bingo that might take a little bit of skill is the chat games.  Reviewing the chat room information found in our Bingo Nerdo Toolbox will help you in becoming proficient at these socially delightful games in which you learn to speak Bingo Lingo and connect with other online bingo enthusiasts.  Currently only one of our featured online bingo halls offers 80 ball bingo, however we expect that as this game becomes more and more known throughout the online bingo community, we will begin to see it offered on all the mainstream bingo sites.  For other exciting bingo game action, check out the other Top Online Bingo Site!!

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