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30 Ball Bingo

The Nerdo's Need For Speed

Online Bingo offers exciting games, like 30 bal bingo30 ball bingo is a speed bingo game that just happens to be one of Bingo Nerdo's favorites.  30 ball bingo is a highenergy, exhilarating, true over the top rush of adrenaline type game that is designed to be played at a rapid pace.  This high speed online bingo favorite allows a high number of rounds to be played per hour, thereby increasing your chances at winning sensational prizes and cash quite nicely.  Of all the Bingo Variations out there, 30 ball bingo is for the player who likes the rush and thrill of a fast paced game, and enjoys the heart pounding roller coaster of excitement. 

Speed bingo has been popular for some time, and 30 ball bingo is the speediest of them all.  With only 30 balls in the mix, you can imagine how quickly games fly by.  The game is played on a 3x3 card, with 9 spaces to fill.  30 ball bingo does not use patterns to play, and typically requires the entire card be filled in order to win.  Bingo Nerdo has been diligent to create and provide all the tools a Nerdo needs to successfully navigate through the world of speed Bingo like a pro.  By mastering the tools in our Bing Nerdo Toolbox, you will find yourself equipped to the hilt for all the sizzling hot bingo action you can handle, no matter how fast its coming at you. 

The energy and excitement levels are always high in 30 Ball Bingo, making for lots of high adrenaline chatting during the game, and ensuring that chat room interaction is even more entertaining.  Don't worry about not being able to manage your cards during this speedy version of bingo as your cards will be marked for you using an automated bingo dauber, so play as many as you want!  All you have to do is select your cards and collect your winnings!

Being that 30 Ball Bingo is a newer option of Speed Bingo, it is not available yet at all of the popular online bingo sites, including the premiere bingo sites that we promote.  We will be monitoring the bingo landscape closely to alert you as soon as any of our sites are offering this exciting bingo game option.  Because our bingo recommendations are limited to ONLY the most trusted, reputable, and first rate bingo sites, we consider it worth the wait when it comes to new game releases and developments in the online bingo industry.  In the mean time, visit one of the phenomenal bingo sites listed below for exciting 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo, as well as riveting chat games and extraordinary bingo casino games

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What's So Nerdy About Speed Bingo?

Speed Bingo gives you more chances to win

Until the introduction of 30 Ball Bingo, the bingo games most commonly played as speed bingo are 75 ball bingo and 80 ball bingo. Advanced online gaming software technology has paved the way for speed bingo with automated bingo dauber capability, hence you can easily play many bingo cards simultaneously at a fast pace.


30 Ball Bingo is by far the speediest of all the popular speed bingo games, and offers players the opportunity to play nearly double the amount of rounds per hour as previous versions of Speed Bingo. Along with unparalleled fast paced excitement, speed bingo offers some of the most riveting and high energy chat room interaction ever seen.


The big advantage to speed bingo and getting in so many rounds per hour is that your chances for winning are greatly increased. The more you play, the more of a shot you've got at being the winner! The more you win, the higher you rise in your Bingo Nerdo climb to the top!!

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