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Getting Your Bingo On, Nerdo Style


Ok - so we wanna know.....when you picture Bingo in your head, what do you see?  Do you see a room full of little old ladies, cussing when someone else wins a round of Bingo?  Do you hear the clicking of canes on the floor of the senior center?  Do you smell denture cream's aroma sifting through the air?  Well if any of these ideas are part of your image of Bingo Online Games , then you are what we'd call a 'nerdo flunky'.  No, we don't really approve of name calling, but you've got to get with the program here and catch up to the technology age, which, by the way, has revolutionized the game of Bingo.  Bingo Nerdo is here to transform you from 'nerdo flunky' to 'nerdo junkie'.  We're quite certain that once you realize how incredibly thrilling and sophisticated online bingo really is, you won't be calling it your grandma's game anymore, and you'll be just as excited about it as every one else is.  And don't be surprised if you find yourself gravitating towards an aspiration to join the Nerdo subculture. With such style and finesse associated with the Nerdo persona, the pull is irresistible, trust me.

Here's what you should be picturing when you think of the game of bingo online: innovative, cutting edge client interface, a colorful, inviting, and energetic gaming environment, stunning, 3D graphics, high speed customizable settings, and players from all over the world, all ages, all genders, with all types of backgrounds.  The advanced technology that is utilized in online bingo allows for hundreds of different bingo patterns to be played, as well as player management of many bingo cards at once.  Being a digital interface, high speed games are popular and easily managed since the gaming software marks your cards for you.  Most online bingo sites offer Free Online Bingo Games .  Playing the free games gives you a chance to see how you like the bingo site you're playing at, and become acclimated to their processes, as well as have some fun for free.  Some free games offer small payouts, around 50 cents or so. 

There are several types of games found at online bingo sites.  Along with multiple variations of Bingo Online Games , you will also find Bingo Chat Games, Keno, Video Poker, Pull Tab Games, Scratch Cards, and Slots.  The menu varies with each bingo site, but these are the most commonly seen games.  Some of our featured sites will also offer Jackpot Bingo! We've devoted a page on our site to each gaming venue found at most mainstream online bingo sites, and have provided everything you need to get your game on in-the-know.  Once you've read up on all the bingo game options, you're that much closer to 'nerdo junkie' status, which puts you on the path to being a true Bingo Nerdo.  And we all know that Nerdo is the new coolness.

No Deposit Bingo

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Bingo Online Games
30 ball bingo30 Ball Bingo - This popular Bingo speed game is a fast paced, high energy option for the bingo enthusiast who wants the most opportunities to win per hour.


75 ball bingo75 Ball Bingo - Most commonly played in the USA, 75 ball bingo is one of the most popular bingo games in the industry. Hundreds of bingo patterns are used in this exciting game.


80 ball bingo80 Ball Bingo - A little newer to the online bingo scene, 80 ball bingo is played as both a fast paced and exciting speed bingo game, or a traditional patterned bingo game.


90 ball bingo90 Ball Bingo - Also known as UK Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo is played with its own unique bingo ticket. There are 27 squares, 15 of which are numbered. No patterns are used in this game.


bingo slots gamesBingo Casino Games - Enjoy exciting casino games and Bingo Side Games at your favorite Bingo Sites. You'll find slot games, video poker, Keno and more.


bingo chat gamesBingo Chat Games - One of the unique features of online bingo sites, the beloved chat game can land you terrific prizes and cash! Brush up on Chat Game Lingo in our Bingo Toolbox.


Bingo Spotlight : Bingo Hall


Bingo Hall is a premiere online bingo site


Bingo Hall is indisputably one of the best bingo sites in the industry.  Their extremely generous welcome bonus of a 500% match bonus up to $3750 starts your game off nicely, and there is plenty more where that came from.  Bingo Hall consistently and generously treats their loyal players to extra bonus offers and special promotions so often, its enough to bring a Nerdo to his knees!   Game selection is exceptional, including exciting chat games, video poker, slots, keno, and even some Free Online Bingo Games .  You'll never run out of sizzling hot gaming action at Bingo Hall. 


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